Activate Citizen Participation

We are committed to empowering and amplifying the voices of citizens to demand for change in the system. This involves both building a narrative that enables more citizens to connect with issues of the judiciary and creating frameworks for them to participate in the changemaking process.


Litigant Forums

Drawing inspiration from Resident Welfare Associations that offer a framework for citizen participation, we intend to launch “Litigant Forums” in partnership with organisations such as Jan Sahas and Centre for Social Justice who have long histories of working with communities and networks of para-legals. The Litigant Forums will be committed to:  

  • Empower litigants with knowledge of court procedure and their rights as litigants;

  • Listen and prioritise the main challenges they face with the courts in relation to access, delays, transparency or user-centricity (focus on systemic challenges and not individual case challenges); and

  • Facilitate the communication of such challenges to the appropriate authorities within the judicial system and media;


Media Narrative

We will work with journalists and media houses to build a narrative around the judiciary through we demystify court processes, make issues of the judiciary more citizen centric and build a sense an urgency around it.