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We are committed to finding, supporting and attracting innovators, youth and citizens to solve issues relating our law and justice. Building on the innovations we discover in the Agami Prize, we plan to build a community of support for innovators and also launch hackathons and challenges for youth and young professionals to build solutions. We are looking for young intrapreneurs who can support our team in: 

  • Outreach, communication and research of innovative initiatives in the justice delivery space.
  • Engaging with innovators to understand their needs
  • Finding creative ways to foster the growth of innovators, including by connecting them to leaders who can support their growth and scale.
  • Support in shaping and launching the Challenges and Hackathons for youth and young professionals to solve legal and justice problems. 

If this has captured your interest, do reach out to Supriya Sankaran at

Campaign Leader

To foster innovation and attract civic participation, we are committed to build a new media narrative that helps prioritise justice innovation and attracts more citizens in the change process. We are looking for leaders who will develop creative strategies for the following opportunities:

  • How can we build a citizen led narrative on the need and opportunity for change ?
  • How do we best engage and equip journalists to cover issues relating to justice?
  • How can we simplify issues of justice for citizens and enable them to personally relate to issues of justice?
  • How do we spread innovations that are working?
  • What roles can youth, elders, litigants, prisoners, judges, police, play in this process?

If this has captured your interest, do reach out to Supriya Sankaran at