The Opportunity

All big changes in our society, across sectors, have been the result of several innovators and citizens participating in the changemaking process. Unfortunately, the justice delivery system, has not yet evolved to attract or engage innovators and citizens in driving change.

Vayam seeks to change this reality, by enabling our systems, innovators and citizens to actively participate in making our justice delivery system more accessible and effective.



Find and nurture innovators & citizen changemakers


We believe it  is central to find innovators and citizens who can be potential early adopters of the change process. We plan to find them through lean and selective processes like the Agami Prize, Youth   Hackathons and build a community of support around them.

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Remove barriers to participation

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By collaboratively building an open judicial data  platform, we seek to empower citizens and innovators with the data necessary to drive change and hold our system accountable.

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Build an enabling narrative

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We intend to work with journalists, media and citizens to prioritize change on issues of law and justice and enhance citizen participation.

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Create frameworks for participation

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We are committed to learn from our engagements with different actors and facilitate structured spaces for continued citizen engagement with our systems that can create a win-win for all.

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Our Team of Teams

We are building a team of teams with who we can partner, collaborate and co-create change initiatives. 

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