It is imperative that we increase the proportion of changemakers: innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, organisations and youth who can envision and create solutions that address urgent issues facing our judiciary.  Towards this goal, we have launched the following initiatives:

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A national prize to find, make visible & incentivise changemakers in the legal industry and systems of law and justice. Leverage the prize to build a larger conversation around the need for innovation. 

Share your perspectives on opportunities and entrepreneurship in our LinkedIn Campaign.

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Agami Network is a carefully curated network of innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders from business, society and the public sector, committed to transforming systems of law and justice, and the legal industry.

On the Agami Network platform, community members can search and connect with peers, innovators and entrepreneurs, challenge the community to develop specific solutions, make introductions and share resources, amongst many other things. This will be supported by offline efforts, such as dinners and topic-specific gatherings, to enable deeper learning and relationships.



We are organising Challenges to attract and incentivise new talent and innovations into the sector around strategic opportunities. Our first E-ADR challenge in February 2019 is inviting changemakers to develop a technology-driven institution that will enable large volumes of disputes to be resolved online through arbitration and other mechanisms of alternate dispute resolution, including mediation and conciliation.

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